We focus on building responsive, scalable & optimized web application. Our works are based on cutting technologies like django, nosql, angularjs, dirt etc.


Building X-Platforms mobile Applications for business. Build One Application that runs on every device.


Cross platform Desktop Application with Qt, C#. Business and Education software solutions with long term maintenance support.


Years of experience in IT field to help your business improvement. Advising about technical feasibility and reliability.

Skills & Services

Moulik focuses on web development according to client needs. Our clients get robust applications that meet specific business goals due to our Agile web development process. We follow the software development methodologies to ensure product quality and deliver within the time-frame . We always try to go with cutting edge technologies and development tools. Our works covered from development from scratch to using with robust cms framework .

Moulik focuses on developing mobile application as per business needs. We encourage the cross platform technology to build one application that can run on every device and also reducing the development costing. We provide you not only the flawless and world class development environment to build your desired mobile applications but also matches your budget and desire. Our Mobile application development team has expertise of developing various types of mobile applications that not only will meet your expectation but also give you the best user experience.

Desktop application has its importance when its necessary to build custom software to run locally inside an organization. Moulik provides cross platform desktop base software development solutions that can run on Windows/Linux/Mac. We try our best to optimize the application to run smoothly on all powered devices.

We provide micro-controller based modules and solutions to our customers as per their needs. We cover the complete PCB design to components integration. We have experience with different types of communication between micro-controller and android phones and project based on those requirements.

Web Application

Mobile Application

UI/UX Design

Desktop Application

Embeded System

What Customer says

our agile process

Product Backlog
Sprint Backlog
User Stories


  • Average 3 weeks sprint
  • Define
  • Design
  • Development
  • Integrate
  • Testing

daily scrums

15 minutes Daily Meeting
  • 1.what did i accomplish yesterday?
  • 2.what will i do today?
  • 3. What obstacles are
    impeding my progress?
  • 4.what did i do yesterday?

great flexibility

Our solutions comes with flexible user interface with easy to use tutorial manuals and ticket based support.

Neat and Clean

Neat and clean programming is our habit. We try our best to provide our clients a clean and user friendly interface to interact with.

Easy to use

We provide easy to use usual manual and online ticketing based support.

Very flexible

We treats our clients as a team player to design the software with complete participation from the client. We are always flexible to change as per clients requirements.


  •   CoWorkersBD, Urban Centerpoint, 400 New Eskaton Road, Ramna
         Dhaka - 1000, Bangladesh
  •   +88 019 33 00 1024
  • contact@moulikbd.com

About Moulik

A small team with a big dream. A huge pile of informational resource is available throughout the web-sphere in a very scattered manner. Our constant effort is paid towards developing small tools to organize these information to maximize the impact.